What Size Dumpster Do I Need?
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What Size Dumpster Do I Need?

If your kitchen, basement or bedroom needs to remodeled, then a dumpster rental is a necessity. But, what size dumpster would work best for your needs? Let’s take a look at different dumpster sizes offered on today’s rental market.

Dumpster Rental Sizes

Generally, the smallest dumpster size one can rent is 10 yards. The weight capacity for a 10-yard dumpster is two tons. This is the perfect size for re-doing a patio deck or cleaning out a smaller garage. The next step up in size would be the 15-yard dumpster or roll-off container. This size can hold more than seven times the average truck load can, in weight. 15-yard dumpsters are usually rented for tree and carpet removals, landscaping projects and roof installations. 30-yard dumpster rentals can hold up to four tons of materials. Garage demolitions and other medium-sized renovations should fit perfectly in these bigger dumpsters.

The two largest sizes typically offered are 40 and 50-yard dumpsters. 40-yard dumpsters are one of the most popular sizes purchased. This may be the best size for full-scale residential and commercial construction projects. These dumpsters can carry up to five tons of recyclable and non-recyclable items. For major cleanups or renovations, invest in the 50-yard dumpster rental option. These sizes can be used by landscaping companies and construction workers. 50-yard dumpsters offer customers with another ton of space to utilize, bringing the maximum weight capacity to six tons.

To recap, here a few of the most common dumpster rental sizes:

  • 10-yard dumpster
  • 15-yard dumpster
  • 20-yard dumpster
  • 30-yard dumpster
  • 40-yard dumpster
  • 50-yard dumpster

Check out all the uses for these dumpster sizes by clicking right here.

Average Dumpster Rental Costs

Costs can vary, depending on the dumpster rental provider. Always ask about extra charges that could be added on after your project has been completed. Most companies will hold you accountable when it comes to the weight limit. Additional charges will apply in most cases when your load comes in overweight. Another charge that can be added occurs when the renter needs the dumpster longer than expected. Some companies may charge $10+ per day for every extra day needed. Call around and get quotes before deciding which dumpster service fits you best.

  • 10 yards: $325
  • 15 yards: $325
  • 20 yards: $375
  • 30 yards: $400
  • 40 yards: $445
  • 50 yards: $545

20 Yard Dumpster

Right in the middle of the smaller and larger sizes is the 20-yard dumpster. This popular rental size is offered at Minnesota Roll Off & Recycling at affordable rates. Ideal for basement and garage cleanups, 20-yard dumpster fit well in the average sized driveway. House-flippers often use the 20-yard dumpsters. See more about this size by checking out Minnesota Roll Off & Recycling’s official website.

Minnesota Roll Off & Recycling

Minnesota Roll Off & Recycling is your number one source for roll off dumpster rentals in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota area. With decades of industry experience, you can trust Minnesota Roll Off & Recycling to cater to your specific residential, commercial and contractor project needs. Get a FREE quote from this family owned and operated company by contacting Minnesota Roll Off & Recycling today!

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