Recycling Scrap Metal Near Me
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Recycling Scrap Metal Near Me

If you are searching for “recycling scrap metal near me” in Minnesota, then this post will help! Let us go into detail about types of scrap metals and why these materials should be recycled.

Why Recycle Scrap Metal?

Recycling scrap metal proves beneficial in several ways. First, recycling these materials is the right thing to do for the environment. Secondly, recycling scrap metal can cushion your wallet. Scrap metal recycling can make you a decent chunk of change. It is crucial for these valuable materials to stay out of landfills, therefore recycling scrap metal can become a lucrative venture.

Scrap metal is determined by makeup of the material; at least 50 percent needs to contain metal. Nonferrous scrap represents about 10 percent of all recycled material in the United States, but it earns over half of all scrap recycle revenue. Remember to always bring identification whenever recycling these materials, as this is used a deterrent for people looking to steal and sell scrap metals.

Types Of Scrap Metals

One of the most popular scrap metals is aluminum. Aluminum is not just used for containing beverages. Take a look around your house; aluminum can be found everywhere. Siding, window frames and gutters all use aluminum. Steel is even more common than aluminum. Shelves, cabinets and other home features require steel. However, because it is so common, steel will not fetch a hefty price when recycling.

With a yellow and red tint, brass is one of the heavier metals you can find. This material is used for keys and other plumbing fixtures. Because of its weight, hauling brass can become a pain, but its ensuing price tag is generally worth the trouble. Copper is a very valuable recycling material. If the copper is red this means it is in good condition. A darker brown coloring means the copper is a bit worn but still valuable.

To recap, here are a few types of scrap metals that can be recycled:

  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Brass

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